A few new levels...

 A short look through a few GIFs showcasing the details of some recent levels. It's been a productive period and GnC2 is now considered alpha2 with more than 50% content being done and tested. It's early to talk about a release date, but if this tempo continues... Well. Let's take a look.

So, in the Rolling hills you escape the evil spellcasters by entering an unusual portal... Where does it lead?

Desecrated field, detail

Desecrated fields, a short visit to an otherworldly dimension. Also an opportunity to meet an old "friend" from GnC1 (not pictured here). After you escape this horrid place...

A long stretch (detail)

A long stretch, introducing murder-axe-bunnies. It's what they do and what they are. Are you really back to the "real" world?

Swampland, detail

Swamps are traditionally difficult levels in GnC series, and this time it's not different. Besides the enemies, you need to avoid projectiles coming from the local unfriendly flora. Not to mention various spikes, sinking logs...

Boss fight, detail

After the Swampland and a few other levels you end up in a BOSS fight with this sail ship in the distance... and after you manage to beat it enough...

Shipwreck level, detail

You actually get to pay them a visit up-close. Not so tough anymore, ah, Pirates? And after this we'll visit some Dwarven areas of the game, but more about that in the future ;)