Goblin and Coins II coming in April

 A date has been set for the release of Goblin and Coins II, a sequel to the 2016 indie small bean Goblin and Coins. The game is coming to Steam in April this year! 

It's a 2D platformer created by a solo-developer, focused on bringing features gamers requested after enjoying the first game. Run and jump through a new adventure, explore the world, collect coins, unlock upgrades, revisit levels to find secrets and face enemies old and new. 

 What's new? 

  •  Improved graphics, extended mechanics and simple puzzles 
  • Create your own difficulty by getting or ignoring the upgrades 
  • Revisit levels, find secrets, optional easier start for the new players 
  • No game over - there's a secret way to regain your lost lives... 
  • It Already supports English, Serbian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian, with more languages coming in the future.