Goblin and Coins II DEMO in Steam Next Fest in June 2022

Development has been slow these past few months, mainly due to my day-job obligations and everything else that's been going around for everyone these past two years. But, it has not stop and I'm working on new levels all the time, be it drawing on paper, brainstorming new enemies and traps, backgrounds, drawing sprites or tiles and animated details... And of course, actually doing level design. It's been specially fun re-introducing old enemies from GnC1, as to keep the continuity, but reimagined and redrawn from scratch up. I'll try to keep the spoilers to the minimum, but maybe you've been following GnC YouTube channel and already know some of it.  

There's another Steam NEXT Fest coming up, this time June 22 edition, and I've decided "alpha demo" is good enough to be publicly shown (not counting the sort of semi-public playtest last year) and potentially gather some new followers and future fans of the series. I'm looking forward to any potential feedback and comments from the Steam users whom dedicate some of their time and try out Goblin and Coins II DEMO in June. I don't know if it needs to be said, but this build is still work in progress and many things might change in the future (actually, some things have already changed as the build for this demo is from November 2021), before and maybe even after the release. 

What can you expect to see in this DEMO during the Steam Next Fest? You'll be able to access the entire first quarter of the map, which includes the intro level, shop (in game coins exchanged for upgrades, no mtx!), six regular levels and an easy boss fight... and a "secret" underworld level where you end up only if you lose all lives and continues. To make things easier, "shrinky in a blinky" upgrade, which enables the player to shrink and crawl through crawlspaces between areas is already unlocked, and you're able to "purchase" double-jump upgrade for free, even if that turnes your total amount of coins into a negative number. Of course, this won't be like this in the full game, it's just so you'd be able to see more and try out more things in a short period of time during the demoFest.

If you decide to try the demo, be sure to tell me what your thoughts were, I'm listening.