Save 46% on Goblin and Coins on Steam

As you can see in the title, GnC is on a week-long sale, and for the first time ever, under €1 at that! I know some folks are still waiting for even larger discount, but don't wait too long, once GnC2 is released the original game won't be discounted much any more.

I've also refreshed the website you're looking at, changed the theme and added some details, hopefully it looks cleaner and a bit more professional now. Also, and that might be important to some people, it works much better on smartphones. I'll try to keep adding content here, but honestly it's hard to dedicate time for this when there's sprites to draw and enemies to imagine and levels to design and... oh, almost gave up too much!

I am working on a GnC1 side thing, that might become a thing, alongside of development of GnC2. Not saying anything else for now.


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