Enter world 3 - Gassy swamp

It's my pleasure to inform you that work on world 3, Gassy Swamp, is progressing well. Enough of new tiles and enemies have been finished in order for me to prepare the first level for this world.

It's a short one, but will show you what to expect in this new environment - snakes, rodents of unusual size, wasps, water to potentially drown in (expect more things related to water in later levels; I have some nasty surprises ready but didn't include them in the initial level in order to pace the "incoming troubles" better through all 7 levels of this world).

As always, if you notice any bugs, please let me know and I'll do anything I can to fix them asap. I'll leave the stable branch as a separate download just in case, and new levels will show up in pre-alpha 0.0.3.x branch (windows only, for now).


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