Introducing: Legend

It might be the time to unveil another feature that is not yet implemented, but will be before the release, and that's Legend.

It's a scroll of sorts containing information about the creatures you meet in the world, but also stories and important facts about the world itself, dangers you might encounter and so on.

These will be unlocked as you encounter them, so no reading ahead and cheating.

I've also decided on bonus items you can pick up besides the coins and it's recipes. Real cooking recipes that will actually enable you to follow them and make a tasty meal in your own home, outside of the game.

My idea is to have a piece of paper in each world that Goblin can find and pick up, and that will unlock a recipe in the Legend. Bean soup will be available from the start, but I want to include some traditional meals from Balkan region which aren't that much known across the world.


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