Testing and improving world 4

I've spend almost the entire afternoon working on the game. Sadly, most of these things you'll never see because I decided to reverse those changes. My first idea was to make levels prettier for screenshots by adding fake platforms in front of the main ground mass. It did look nice, but as I feared, it was very much confusing and distracting for players. After checking out some NES and Genesis classics on Youtube, I've decided to keep the "less pretty" but more practical layout.

Afterwards, I started drawing tiles and a background for world 5 and even made 70% of an initial level... but decided to scrap that too because the idea I had didn't really play well with mechanics and rules I set for the game. Don't worry, I do have another idea, but for another day.

Then I decided to add even more support for x-input gamepads, by adding the option to set your own preferred threshold for the analogue joystick. So far I've been using 50%, which means you had to press it with your thumb half-way to the side in order for command to be registered. Now you can set it in 5 steps from 40% to 80% with default value set to 50% as before.

I've also started preparing space for Legend, the new feature that will be an encyclopedia of sorts for the game world, creatures, recipes... Achievements will also fit here nicely, so I moved them from the main menu.

What else? I've created announcement sounds for the 4th world and implemented them, added an additional coin to the same world so there's total of 100 gold coins inside and around the village, and... I've started testing a new font.

I think that's it for today.


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