New level available: 3-3

Pre-alpha 30 is now available to the early supporters through their respective download pages over at itch.io and it features a brand new level for the Gassy Swamp. I wanted to add some new gameplay elements to the third world but only one of the things I've been working on was ready for this release, and it's a new kind of trap, so be careful out there!

I've also used this opportunity to fix something that has been bothering me for a long time, and that's positioning of some coins in level 2-6. I've intended them to lead the player through some challenging jumps but never actually moved them to the final positions... Well, that's done now. The rest of the changes you can find in the list below, it's nothing game changing... or maybe it is, who am I to judge?

[Major] Build

  • New level (3-3)
  • New trap (mechanical spears)
  • Improved shading on the falling stalactites in world 1
  • Changed the tone of ax throwers so they are more easily distinguished from regular skeletons
  • Added new announcement sounds: Ax thrower, Rous, Wasp, Milipede
  • Added new tiles (transition grass2stone, decorative shell)
  • Changed coin placement in 2-6 to better lead the player through some challenging jumps


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