New level, knock-back reduced. Alpha coming soon!

Hello! There's a new version available and it brings many major and minor improvements and additions. Two most important are a brand new level 3-6 and knock-back from enemies and traps being greatly reduced. This means if you're standing on a narrow platform and a bat/ghost/wasp touches you and hurts you, you won't bounce off it like before and end up in lava/spikes/water depths. Instead, you'll just bounce in place, become invulnerable for a time and destroy the enemy that hurt you.

The rest of changes are minor but not negligible:
  • Fixed some misplaced tiles in world 1
  • Mine shaft lamp in world 1 animated
  • Changed the hurt effect and destruction effect for the Golem King boss
  • Added new background tiles for world 3
  • Added new type of destructible platforms for world 3
  • Changed the look of vine leaves platforms (again, world 3)

Please note: Promotion to alpha is long overdue. There's no known game-breaking bugs for months now, game works just fine and graphics have been improved a lot lately. I'll change development status from pre-alpha to alpha after the world 3 is done. That means one more level, 2 story screens and a boss fight. I might also improve animation/looks for the ghosts in world 2 for this occasion.


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