Working on the 4th world

I've started working on the world 4 the other day. It's gonna be called Sleepy Village (not so sleepy, as you'll be able to see) and it will be split into three zones; there will be transition from swamp to forest surrounding the village, then meadows and fields and gardens, and only in the end, the village itself. After having all those hard jumps in world 3, we're going back to "action" sequences with lightweight environment puzzles, as can be seen in this video showing off the brand new level 4-1:

I've already finished level 4-2 (available in the build and it offers the player to solve some problems in order to continue further along the path, but it's still pretty much linear and action-oriented. Now, after the forest, goblin will enter the fields and that will introduce even more traps and enemies... That I have to make first. Here's what farmers will look like (from draft on paper to working enemy in game):

Farmer - from draft to working enemy

Anyway, world 4 is planned to have the most variety in appearance of its levels, and so far it looks I'm gonna achieve that.


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